Fight 2 Win 132 Recap

F2W 132

Fight 2 Win 132 is a submission only Jiu Jitsu tournament and one of the most anticipated Jiu Jitsu events of the year which took place on 11/23/2019 at the Hawaii Convention Center. One thing that separates F2W from other grappling competitions is there is no point system and the only way to win is by submission or aggression. F2W 132 was a spectacular event full of action as well as some upsets. Professors Jordan Gomez, Tracy Goodell, Cesar Casamajo, Christopher Kawaihae, Myron Kamihara, and Will Torres from CJJF were there to showcase their skills.

F2W 132

Professor Cesar Casamajo demoralized his opponent Adam Taufmann by applying relentless pressure and positional dominance. Adam tried to attack Cesars leg early in the match but was unsuccessful in his attempt and Cesar was able to capitalize on it. Adam spent most of the match defending and trying to escape from not so good positions. Cesar was awarded the victory by decision.

F2W 132

One of CJJF’s newest black belts Will Torres put it on the line by facing a much more experienced competitor Rhalan Gracie. Will got the match to the ground by pulling guard early in the match. Despite Rhalan’s relentless pressure, Will never lost his focus and stuck to his game plan. Rhalan struggled with Will’s guard for most of the match. Rhalan turned it up towards the end of the match but unfortunately for Rhalan it was too little too late. The match was close but Will was awarded the win by decision.

F2W 132

Professor Tracy Goodell was there to defend her F2W Womens Masters Bantam Weight belt against Jenna Bishop from Alliance. Tracy fought hard and was never in trouble at any time in the match but Jenna Bishop was relentless with her offense and ended up winning by decision to become the new F2W Womens Masters Bantam Weight Gi Champion.

F2W 132

In the co-main event, were Jordan Gomez and Jiu-Jitsu legend Baret Yoshida. Jordan didn’t waste any time in getting the match to the ground by pulling guard early in the match. It was a very entertaining back and forth match that had everyone on the edge of their seats. Both competitors put on a great performance and it was an epic display of Jiu-Jitsu that went the distance but Jordan managed to secure the victory by decision and become the new Masters Black Belt Feather Weight Champion.

F2W 132

The main event was an action packed fifteen minute battle between two N0Gi grappling masters, Garry Tonon and ADCC champion Davi Ramos. The match was fast paced and both competitors were very aggressive in their exchanges. The match had everything one could hope for in a grappling match. Garry Tonon was relentless with his attacks and Davi slowed down towards the end of the match. Garry was able to take Davi’s back and secure a RNC choke but didn’t have enough time to execute the submission. Despite running out of time, it was still enough for Gary to win by unanimous decision.

F2W has become the most consistent stage for athletes to get paid for competing in Jiu-Jitsu. We would like to congratulate and thank everyone who represented our team at F2W132.

Black Belt Matches
Garry Lee Tonon defeated Davi Ramos
Jordan Gomez defeated Baret Yoshida via decision Becomes Masters Black Belt Feather Weight Champion
Jena Bishop defeated Tracey Goodell via split decision Becomes F2W Masters Bantam Weight Gi Champion
Michael Liera defeated Jake Watson via bow and arrow choke
Victor Hugo submits Helton Jose Jr via guillotine
Edmund Li defeated Alika Dayton via decision
Gerson Taitingfong Atoigue defeated Western Waltjen via armbar
Davide Horton defeated Kaleookalani Hosaka via Americana
César Casamajó defeated Adam Taufmann via decision
Jeremy Nitta defeated Patrick Almeida via loop choke
Justin Brede defeated Chris Nitta via bread cutter
Bilal Ahmad defeated Westen Waltjen via split decision
Christopher Kawaihae defeated Kyle Foyle via decision
Will Torres defeated Rhalan Gracie via split decision
Michael Fowler defeated Ridge Alan Blackburn via decision
Myron Kamihara defeated Chris Templo via split decision
Stu Kam defeated Anthony Lynch via choke
Joel Bouhey defeated Royal Kawena Mitchell via split decision

Brown Belt Matches
Todd Tokuyoshii defeated Shane Saito via decision
Ricky Ridela defeated Daniel DeAnda via darce
Blaine Reum defeated Jason Tanaka via knee bar
Brandon Gross defeated Kawika Tahere via key lock SOTN
Brandon Bell defeated Christian Chun Fat via decision
Brandon Saiki defeated Kyle Oswalt via split decision FOTN
Alvin Yeh defeated Desmond Ontai via decision

Purple Belt Matches
Jan Okada Combs defeated Emerald Welsh Straight via ankle lock
Grant Mochizuki defeated Brandon Medeiros via ankle lock
Nicholas Alcroan defeated Richard Hofschneider via decision
Gina Bedan defeated Mei Linn Park via split decision FOTN
Dustin Kimura defeated Lejos Farr via armbar SOTN

Kids Matches
Makana Godwin defeated Chael Cabingabang via triangle
Kai Godwin defeated Marcello Taiyo Makita via triangle armbar
Rawlins Fukuda defeated Michael Halsey via triangle

Judo Matches
Christian Pavo defeated Brady LaFortune via 2 ippons
Tayler Otsuka defeated Kyson Yoshimura via decision
Paul Joe defeated Peter montero via decision
Cambey Quijano defeated Dean Kira via armbar
Jacob Sanders defeated Aaron Puahala via 1 ippon to zero
Anthony Brett defeated Joshua Gima via decision
Maia Phanthadara defeated Annicah Hong via decision
Malia Soberano defeated Lianne Satsuki Tomishima via decision

Teens and Kids Matches
Logyn Puahala defeated Ecola Keawe Matsueda via RNC
Ryley Puahala defeated Shainne A. Nishimura via 1 ippon to zero
Eli Oshiro defeated Ronson Murillo via 1 ippon to zero

In case you missed it you can still watch the replay on FloGrappling.

F2W 132 Replay